Steel Factory Mfg Prefab Galvanized Rigid Frame Garage Building 20x20x9

Steel Factory Mfg Prefab Galvanized Rigid Frame Garage Building 20x20x9
Steel Factory Mfg Prefab Galvanized Rigid Frame Garage Building 20x20x9
Item# RF20X20X9
Regular price: $7,499.00
Sale price: $6,099.00
Snow & Wind Load Options:  Freight is not included! Call for estimates 866-206-6580

Product Description

20' wide x 20' long x 9' high Steel Factory Mfg Prefab Galvanized Rigid Frame Garage Building

Galvanized Rigid Frame Building
Building Code: IBC 15
Snow Load: 20 lbs
Wind Load: 115 mph
Exposure: B
Collateral Load: 1
Loads can be adjusted for local code. Call 1-866-206-6580

Frame Type: Clearspan
Bay Spacing: 2 @ 10' spacing

Roof Slope: 2:12 pitch
Profile: Gable

Left Endwall: Bearing
Right Endwall: Bearing

Framed Openings: (1) 8x7, (1) 3x7
Doors: N/A

Construction Drawings and Stamped Engineered Blueprints Included

We have hundreds for pre-engineered sizes available at factory direct prices!

Choice of Custom Colors
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Included Upgrades:
All framing including girts, purlins, base angle, end columns, door frames etc. are galvanized for superior rust protection! No need for paint like red-iron!
Clearspan design has no interior posts or low beams. This translates into 100% interior usable space!
High Quality, Energy Star Efficient AZ-55 Galvalume (55% AL-Zn alloy) Roof.
PBR (30% greater overlap than competitors R panel) roof sheeting 26 gauge rated 80,000 psi.
26 gauge walls include a state of the art Silicone-Polyester color wall-sheeting. 40 Year Guarantee.
Upgraded stainless-steel clad fasteners Standard! No Rust!
50 Year Warranty on structural Frames

Galvanized Framing: Most companies only spray their frame systems with a red-oxide primer which needs to be painted and sealed to prevent against rust. We utilize all galvanized materials which do not require any paint or sealant. All framing can be left bare with no detriment to the life of the steel.

Galvalume Roof: EPA Energy Star standards requires that a roofing material must have an initial reflectance greater than or equal to 0.65 and maintain a reflectance of greater than or equal to 0.50 after 3 years weathering on a roof. Our AZ-55 Galvalume maintained an average of 0.78 initial reflectivity and 0.58 weathered reflectivity. All results are well above EPA Energy Star standards for energy efficient roofing materials. Better heat reflectivity means lower energy costs!

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